You may know your China operations, under remote leadership, are underperforming but distance, language, and culture makes identifying and correcting wasteful practices difficult.

Walker knows how to "read" China operations quickly and accurately, offering you practical no-nonsense corrective actions and best practice suggestions. Our consultants are trained and focused on identifying waste in a variety of processes. 



Your home office staff may be well aware of how implementing lean manufacturing can improve the the bottom line, as well as quality and delivery, but implementing lean in an Asian manufacturing environment has it’s own challenges (and rewards). With over 15 years experience in implementing lean manufacturing in Asian factories, we can assist on-site, not just by offering training courses, but also by going right to the gemba. We work alongside your local manufacturing team to design and implement leaner processes.


We do more than consult; we actually bring lean into your China factory’s culture, starting on the production floor and spreading outward from there, transforming materials management, purchasing, shipping, quality, customer service and human resources and administration.


Among the time-tested strategies and lean manufacturing tools we successfully utilize are:


Value-stream mapping (VSM)

VSM helps to identify waste in both production and business processes. At the same time, it helps to teach your local team how to identify waste long after the consultant has left the building.


Just in time (JIT) production flow

Converting traditional batch & queue assembly lines into lean assembly cells, and establishing single-piece flow ensures that production through bottlenecks is optimized, and the entire production is balanced.


Kanban management

Visual cues helps transform chaotic workflows into manageable and predictable processes. It also helps to enable flexibility which can lower MOQs without reducing profitability.



We establish in-line quality cross-check, where each operator is responsible for inspecting the previous operation’s output, and is empowered to take actions ensuring the overall quality of production. We help focus on the kind of fixturing and gauges necessary to drastically reduce defects in production.


These strategies are considered very difficult to deploy in Asian factories, but we have a great track record of succeeding in Asian manufacturing where others fail.



If there's an acquisition on the horizon, Walker can support with services tailored to M&A.  For those pursuing a company sale, we can work pre-transaction to ensure the best possible company valuation. For buyers, we can work post acquisition to maximize ROI for the newly acquired asset.

We can also work with your team in Asia (including any legal representation retained there) during the due diligence phase to better ensure that the transaction’s success.



An under-performing Asian factory may be impacting your company’s customers and shareholders even more than top management realizes.

Poorly run factories can be turned around and fine-tuned to ensure:

  • Best possible company valuation
  • Best quality and service for customers
  • Best product costs for better sales performance
  • Best possible profitability

Generally, a client-company interesting in this service will own a Asian factory which is:

  • Unprofitable, and has been for some time
  • Uncompetitive in price, quality and delivery
  • Lacking in performance accountability and basic KPI tracking
  • Unreliable when quoting ship dates
  • Excessively top-heavy in staff and management when compared to its direct-labor force
  • Lacking in basic 5S

If your company’s Asian factory is under performing, it may be time for a turnaround. And if so, we can do the job. Typically, the job can take between 6 months to 2 years, starting with full-time interim leadership giving way to part time consulting as soon as possible. We can advise you, and work together to:

  • Restructure and re-staff for a flatter, more streamlined and productive office
  • Re-proceduralize for better fiscal and operational control
  • Implement end-to-end lean manufacturing and business strategies
  • Set up KPI reporting, so that progress is visible, and the team stays focused on the results that matter
  • Work with you on compliance to international standards of social accountability
  • Act as locally-based leader for due diligence, in case of pending acquisition

Let's talk about it! Drop us a line.


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