Our four-step process ensures that our clients know what to expect before signing up for our manufacturing improvement services. It puts learning, analysis and communication up-front.



Contact us for a free consultation. Tell us what needs to be improved, or feel free to send us photos or videos if you'd like. We’d be happy to discuss your factory’s performance with you, and suggest how it might be improved.




We begin by interviewing your facility’s leadership and select staff, analyzing your production flow, and identifying opportunities for cost, quality and delivery improvement. We examine the production capacity and performance of the factory. Key criteria assessed include policies, procedures and records that indicate the factory’s performance over time. Core areas addressed are mostly related to the organization’s best practices, including the flow of materials through the facility, process controls, quality system, and related procedures. Optionally, we can also give you a reality check on the cost of your purchased materials and components.




Following the assessment, report of our findings along with a plan of action. This plan provides a foundation for the implementation phase of the process. We typically delineate the outcomes we seek, the value we expect to add, and the methods we suggest to deploy. Typically, these methods are applied to the production floor and warehouse, but when necessary we may recommend restructure and re-staffing for a flatter, more streamlined and productive office.




When requested, Walker performs implementation. We do more than simply consult; we actually bring best practices into your manufacturing organization’s culture, starting on the production floor and spreading outward from there, transforming materials management, purchasing, shipping, quality, customer service and human resources and administration. In addition to training, we work on-site alongside your local team to implement the plan. We set up KPI reporting so that progress is visible and the team stays focused on the results that matter. This gives your organization the best possible competitive edge, customer service, profitability and company valuation.


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