We are extremely passionate about bringing out the maximum possible value of Asian manufacturing operations in support of their owners.


We are well experienced in assessing Asian operations, and at identifying and exploiting opportunities to improve cost, quality and delivery.


We focus on getting quick, dramatic and measurable results that help to ensure the profitability and competitiveness of Asian manufacturing organizations.


David Levy

David left the USA for Taiwan and China in 1987. After  more than 10 years in Taiwan working in business intelligence, international trade and quality consulting, he started a China-based manufacturing turnaround consultancy in 2000.

His first Chinese manufacturing turnaround went through several transformations– first as a non-productive, unmanaged tenant in squalor, to a functioning plant with greatly improved output, to an ISO certified facility, to a LEAN/JIT manufacturing operation led almost entirely by local talent. His subsequent turnarounds and improvement projects produced similar results. He has found a personal formula that brings the value out of a Chinese manufacturing operation, even where others may be prepared to shut the operation down.

 He is a self-described evangelist for lean operations, continuous improvement and ethical manufacturing with a drill-down focus on cost, quality, service and social accountability.

Ed Sanchez

Ed's a serial entrepreneur with over thirty years experience in Asia. His executive experience ranges from manufacturing startups, product design to  quality consulting. His activities and resources span the globe, and he's notable as one of the early pioneering entrepreneurs in China and other parts of East Asia.


Our Vision

Walker’s consultants become established rock stars in the field of  Asian manufacturing improvement, restructuring, and turnaround in China, S.E. Asia, India and beyond.

Our Mission

To introduce and promote manufacturing operatives, from production line through to the boardroom, to the best-practices which result in:

  • Better profitability & company valuation to benefit the owners
  • Improved working conditions & compensation to benefit the workers
  • More opportunities to benefit all employees
  • Improved environmental sustainability  social accountability to benefit the host community
  • Better cost, quality & delivery to benefit the customers

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Efficacy

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